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CongoSafari African Adventures and Strange Stories

The world is becoming more and more homogenous. If everywhere we go, people wear similar clothes, use similar technology, drink Coca Cola and eat McDonalds hamburgers, what is the point of travelling? Travellers want to experience culture and wildlife that are visibly different from those in their own countries.

Africa today is not all about wattle-and-daub houses, men with spears and feathered headdresses, lions, giraffes and elephants. However, they are aspects of Africa that are mostly different from other continents and as I said, travellers want to see what is different. People who travel in Africa to see wildlife and traditional cultures generate much needed income in the territories visited. Romanticism it may be but at CongoSafari we celebrate the differences, in articles relating to Africa's past and present.


  1. In Defence of the Ripping Yarn True adventure stories of swashbuckling freebooters are important historical documents.

  2. Jablanket-Machoies or Cheplanget-Wachawi? Leopard-men hunted on the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti Plain.

  3. James Sligo Jameson and the "Wacusu Cannibals" Jameson the fool and Livingstone the ghoul.

  4. Did Richard Meinertzhagen See Proof of Cannibalism? Alleged cannibalism as a justification for imperial savagery.

  5. Did Tippu Tip Lead an Army of Cannibals? Turning misguided prejudice into savage reality.

  6. 3D Photos of a Camel Safari and Elephant Butchery Northern Kenya in 2001.

Livingstone's African adventures.

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